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I am an experienced communications consultant and have worked with large corporate clients, nonprofits, startups, and individual entrepreneurs and podcasts. 

There are so many great organizations doing important work to make our communities and our world a better place. It's always an honor to be able to help them tell their stories and support their work.


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Freelance Writer, Audio Storyteller, Communications Consultant

Looking to leverage written and/or audio storytelling for your brand or project? I can help you with any and every step of the process from creative strategy, to content creation, to publishing and promotion.

I am an experienced copywriter, copyeditor, audio producer, audio editor, and communications consultant. I have worked with large corporate clients and individual entrepreneurs and authors. I have written for blogs, publications, and organizations, and I have produced and edited narrative and interview podcast series.

I primarily focus in sustainability/climate action, social justice, and community development, but I'm passionate about telling important stories that make an impact. Whether you're writing a book or launching a podcast or need communications support for your brand, I can provide creative, strategic, and tactical value in the following ways:

  • Copywriting

  • Copyediting

  • Feature writing

  • Audio production

  • Audio editing

  • Podcast consulting

  • Content strategy consulting

  • Project management

  • Research & fact-checking

Stories are power. Let me help you tell yours.

March 2020 - present

Inclusive Nature Alliance logo PNG.png

Nonprofit Start-up and Communications Consultant

The Inclusive Nature Alliance

The Inclusive Nature Alliance was a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission was to bring the environmental community together. The Alliance was building a broad-based movement to change the narrative and culture of the broad community working towards that collective mission of environmental stewardship to be more inclusive, representative, and more effective.

The Alliance aimed to leverage a multi-pronged, long-term, holistic approach led by a diversity of groups and focused on both the internal (organizational and movement culture) and external (narrative and outreach) work necessary in order to achieve our mission of bringing the environmental community together. Their three pathways to success were:

  1. Communications: Through their podcast & communications campaign, they would emphasize the commonalities we share—regardless of who we are, where we come from, what we look like, who we love, what our skill sets are, or what our abilities are—and highlight the contributions of under-represented groups to the environmental community.

  2. Alliance-building: By bringing together organizations from across the span of the environmental community, we can support each other in the internal work we all need to do and lead the broader community in implementing effective changes. The Alliance would be a shining example both of the broad diversity inherent in the environmental community, and the strength of that diversity coming together behind a collective mission.

  3. Leadership development and scholarships: If the environmental community is to become more inclusive, we need to support the development and growth of the next generation of diverse environmental leaders—from fostering their passion for nature, to helping them get a quality education, to supporting them throughout their careers—in order to afford them the opportunity to contribute to their utmost potential to our collective mission.

Through these three pathways, the Alliance hoped to achieve four long-term outcomes:

  1. We will redefine the narrative of the environmental community to highlight and strengthen its diversity.

  2. We will broaden the base of the environmental community and bring in new audiences passionate about stewardship and eager to get engaged.

  3. We will help individual organizations change their internal cultures to be more inclusive.

  4. We will increase collaboration among the diverse groups in our community to be more effective at protecting the environment.

I came onboard at the organization's beginning, when it was just an idea, and helped it grow in the following ways:

  • Weekly meetings with the Founder & Director of Membership

  • Extensive research on:

    • the history of the environmental movement and environmental justice in the U.S.

    • the demographics of the U.S. environmental community

    • the state of diversity in the U.S. environmental community

    • the experiences of those in the U.S. environmental community who aren't cis, straight, and white

    • the intersectionality of environmentalism and racial equity, Indigenous sovereignty, gender equality, disability rights, health inequality, etc.

    • environmental leadership development, mentorship, and scholarship programs

    • ecosystem-building and movement-building theory

    • nonprofit and alliance best practices

    • stories to feature in our podcast and communications campaign

  • Developing the organization's strategy—including the governance structure, theory of change, and budget estimates—and compiling it into a strategic brief

  • Developing the organization's communications strategy—including the mission & vision statements, target audiences, messaging architecture, and engagement funnels—and compiling them into the strategic brief

  • Building a project management platform on Trello and establishing project timelines, deliverables, and processes

  • Developing an analytics & reporting infrastructure for the Alliance

  • Working with a creative agency to develop the organization's branding

  • Writing a manifesto letter for the Alliance to share its origin story, mission, and objectives

  • Applying for fiscal sponsorship with the Earth Island Institute and managing the application process

  • Developing a vision for the Alliance Advisory Council and recruiting and managing members

  • Creating onboarding materials for Advisory Council members

  • Creating pitch decks and other fundraising materials

  • Supporting the Alliance as it incorporated and applied for 501(c)3 status

  • Developing the organizational structure, writing job descriptions, and recruiting talent

  • Supporting the Alliance in its fundraising & crowdfunding efforts

Unfortunately, the Alliance dissolved in August 2021.

April 2020 - August 2021

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Strategic Brand and Communications Consultant; Head of Podcasting

HL Strategy

HL Strategy is a marketing and communications consultancy comprised of senior professionals who develop strategy—and roll up their sleeves to execute it. We strive to create unique, relevant content on behalf of our clients and share it across online and offline communications channels.

With HL Strategy, I leveraged my diverse background of experiences to tell important and compelling stories and to help change-makers in their communities maximize their impact, supporting in creative, strategic, and tactical roles.


As Head of Podcasting, I spearheaded and led the new podcasting services available to HL Strategy's clients. I was responsible for:

  • Buying equipment and securing studio space

  • Establishing the processes and infrastructure to efficiently produce series for our clients

  • Recruiting and coordinating with partners and talent

  • Closing new business opportunities

  • Concepting and developing the creative strategy for our clients' podcasts

  • Developing and managing project budgets

  • Establishing project timelines and deliverables

  • Serving as producer, director, and editor for our clients' podcasts

  • Leading the promotion & marketing initiatives for our clients' podcasts

May 2017 - February 2020

Georgia Forestry Magazine cover.jpg


Georgia Forestry Magazine

Georgia Forestry Magazine is published by HL Strategy in partnership with the Georgia Forestry Association and Georgia Forestry Commission. Together we are focused on telling the story of Georgia's working forests, the landowners and producers who steward the land, and the manufacturers who are promoting innovative uses of wood.

As editor at Georgia Forestry Magazine, I was responsible for the following for each of our quarterly issues:

  • Concepting

  • Contributor management

  • Project management

  • List management

  • Feature writing

  • Line editing

  • Copyediting

  • Proofreading

  • Layout review

  • Coordinating with publisher

  • Coordinating with photographers

  • Coordinating with Georgia Forestry Association and Georgia Forestry Commission

  • Coordinating with advertisers

  • Web development

  • Promotion & marketing

During my time as editor, we published stories on the following topics related to Georgia's working forests:

March 2019 - February 2020

GFF Logo.jpg

Project Manager, "Make That Paper: Careers in Forestry" Virtual Game

Georgia Forestry Foundation & Georgia Public Broadcasting

"Make That Paper: Careers in Forestry" is an online game designed to help high school students learn about the forestry industry and career employability skills. In the game, students are managers in three varied forestry career pathways, hiring personnel, solving industry-related problems, and making sound business decisions. To attain their goal of sustainable, efficient, and successful management of the forest and production of forest products, they must use best practices in hiring and staff management while using the resources and information provided by industry experts.

In my consulting role with the Georgia Forestry Foundation, I spearheaded the Foundation's work with Georgia Public Broadcasting and FableVision Studios to develop the vision for the game and create and organize the content to align to Georgia state-mandated curriculum standards in forestry and employability skills.

July 2019 - February 2020

GFF Logo.jpg

Project Manager, "Georgia Forests: Virtual Learning Journey" Digital Learning Platform

Georgia Forestry Foundation & Georgia Public Broadcasting

In collaboration with the Georgia Forestry Foundation (GFF), Georgia Public Broadcasting produced an interactive, educational experience for the classroom. "Georgia Forests: Virtual Learning Journey" is a free resource designed to teach students about forest ecosystems, food webs, and life cycles, as well as forestry management processes, career opportunities, and much more. Georgia educators served as consultants on the project to ensure proper alignment to Georgia standards and to provide guidance on instructional best practices.

In my consulting role with the Georgia Forestry Foundation, I spearheaded the Foundation's work with Georgia Public Broadcasting to develop the vision for the platform and create and organize the content to align to Georgia state-mandated curriculum standards while accurately representing the forestry industry.

July 2018 - February 2020

Southface Logo.png

Peer-to-Peer Content Manager, The Swarm

Southface Institute

The Swarm is a peer-to-peer movement leveraging The Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design at Georgia Tech to spread regenerative design across the Southeast. The Kendeda Building is the most sustainable academic building in the country, constructed to meet the Living Building Challenge standards.

My role with Southface in the Swarm included:

  • Strategy development

  • Relationship-building with team of contractors through weekly on-site visits

  • Content generation and sharing on social media, email, and text

  • Supporting contractors' communications promoting their role in The Kendeda Building

  • KPI tracking and reporting

  • Survey design and administration

January 2018 - November 2018

Dickinson logo.png

Project Manager & Data Visualization Lead

Dickinson College Sustainability Dashboard

Dickinson College is a private liberal arts college in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1773 as Carlisle Grammar School, Dickinson was chartered September 9, 1783, six days after the signing of the Treaty of Paris, making it the first college to be founded after the formation of the United States.

The Sustainability Dashboard is an interactive web-based tool that shows a wide array of sustainability data from across Dickinson's campus.

I worked on the project since it was conceived by the President's Commission on Environmental Sustainability. I collected all of the data from administrative offices and other places on campus, compiled them all in Microsoft Excel, and transferred them into interactive dashboards on Tableau. I was involved in everything from deciding which metrics should be represented, to what the dashboard hierarchy structure should look like, to how each metric should be visualized and represented.

January 2014 - May 2016


Podcasting, Strategy development

Carbon Thread Agency

Podcast Consulting, Audio Editing

The Eye Podcast

Podcast Consulting, Audio Editing

The QB Podcast

Podcasting, Reporting, Project management, Content marketing, Media & influencer outreach, Event man

Purpose Built Communities

Reporting, Project management, Media reporting, Email marketing, Content marketing, Fundraising supp

Atlanta BeltLine Partnership

Media reporting, Fundraising support, Content marketing

The Trust for Public Land

Podcasting, Strategy development, Program management, Social marketing, Fundraising support, Event m

Georgia Forestry Association

Podcasting, Fundraising support

Southern Group of Foresters

Email marketing, Social marketing, Content marketing

Institute for Georgia Environmental Leadership (IGEL)

Email marketing, Social marketing, Content marketing

Georgia Brownfield Association

Podcasting, Strategy development, Media reporting, Event management

Atlanta Regional Commission

Email marketing, Social marketing, Content marketing, Fundraising support

Council for Quality Growth

Email marketing, Social marketing, Content marketing, Fundraising support

The Kendeda Fund

Reporting, Media reporting, Media & influencer outreach, Event management

Portman Holdings

Strategy development, Email marketing, Social marketing, Content marketing

Sizemore Group

Strategy development, Web strategy, Project management

Emory Office of Sustainability Initiatives

Email marketing, Social marketing, Content marketing

Fort Mac LRA

Podcasting, Strategy development, Reporting, Media reporting, Media & influencer outreach, Crisis co

Clayton Homes

Email marketing, Social marketing, Content marketing, Movement-building, Fundraising support

Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum

Media reporting, Media & influencer outreach

Georgia Health News

Podcasting, Reporting, Project management, Content marketing, Data management, Relationship developm


Podcasting, Strategy development, Media reporting, Media & influencer outreach, Experiential design,

Shaw Floors

Podcasting, Strategy development, Media reporting, Media & influencer outreach

Anderson Tuftex

Podcasting, Strategy development, Media reporting, Media & influencer outreach


Podcast production & promotion

Strategy development

Project management

Content marketing

Reporting & analytics


Relationship development & management

Program management

Data management & visualization

Social media marketing

Media reporting

Email marketing

Fundraising support

Event management

Media & influencer outreach

Web strategy & development

Corporate communications

Crisis communications



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