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I can bring creative, strategic, and tactical value to your podcast, business, nonprofit, or project.



Want to be able to call or email me whenever you need help throughout the month without worrying about billable hours or time restrictions? With the Podcast Consulting Monthly Retainer, you can reach out whenever you want and as many times per month as you need to get my feedback or input on your podcast, including:

  • how to prepare for and conduct better interviews

  • feedback on your raw audio or episode rough cuts

  • brainstorm potential guests or story ideas for future episodes

  • how to build a monetization strategy

  • how to leverage your audio content across your communications channels—social media, YouTube, email, website, paid advertising, etc.

  • how to pitch your podcast to cross-promote on other podcasts


This two-month engagement will give you everything you need to either launch or pivot your communications work so you can engage your target audience and drive more value. 

The package includes:

  • Industry & competitive analysis

  • Communications audit

  • 30-minute brainstorm session

  • Interviews with key stakeholders to make sure their input is included

  • Strategy proposal that summarizes my findings and outlines my recommendations for how to move forward to achieve your objectives


Want to learn more about how I can help you tell your story?

Send me a message and start the conversation.

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