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A chapbook memoir and an experimental audio narrative series in development on trauma, identity, and coming out of the constricting boxes we're put in.


When their personal and professional life collapses in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Brady Hummel stops performing to external expectations and processes past traumas to reconnect with their Soul and become their authentic queer, non-binary, autistic self. 

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A novel about standing up to white supremacy, even in the face of violence, history, and apathy.

After a shooting at their school in Philadelphia, Wynn Wright, a queer, non-binary high school English teacher, feels compelled to become a freelance "hate beat" writer, which alienates them from their loved ones and puts them up against a growing and violent white supremacy movement.

THE AMERICAN ABYSS is the first book of American Dissonance, a four-book series.

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A novella-in-flash on love, betrayal, and the messiness of life. 

Is there a point where we kill the love we have to give? Where we just stop anticipating anyone ever coming through the door, so we close it for good?